As with the 'WEIRD' journal itself, these materials are intended to be downloaded and printed-off, and are released under the same terms as the 'WEIRD' journal. You can also extract text and images from the posters for your own use.

'WEIRD' posters and leaflets

During 2022, as we gear-up for the festivals season, we'll upload new posters and leaflets to support the information created by the 'WEIRD' journal. Until then, here are some of our earlier posters (you will find details in the Free Range Blog when they are released):

''We live in a democracy': Can you show me some evidence of that?' poster Free Range Network, December 2019:

"We live in a democracy": Can you show me some evidence of that?

It has become a well-worn trope to blame our disconnected politics on problems with political parties. What if, however, the problem isn't simply that people are not supporting political parties; what if the deeper problem is that people no longer see politics as having agency in their lives? – and so are not voting.

'The untold story about a cup of High Street coffee' poster Free Range Network, June 2019:

The untold story about a cup of High Street coffee (PDF file)

The popular debate over the price of a cup of coffee operates is an exercise in virtue signalling; it has little to do with the politics and economics at the root of the issue.

'Carbon, Campfires, Cooking & English Land Rights' poster Free Range Network, June 2017:

Carbon, Campfires, Cooking & English Land Rights (PDF file)

The are some innocuous uses of fossil fuels which go largely unnoticed. One such example is camping outdoors. Camping shops sell a variety of stoves fuelled by gas, liquid petrol or methanol, or chemical-based solid fuel compounds. Thing is, if you’re outdoors, is the use of fossil fuels necessary?

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